• EFA818 - Φ8 x 18mm Endcaped Fiber Cable- Comply with QBH

    Contact NowEFA818 - Φ8 x 18mm Endcaped Fiber Cable- Comply with QBHHigh power Laser can be delivered in the core of LMA fiber or Beam Delivery fiber, at the interface between fiber and air, the high power density will burn the fiber end face. We splice a SiO2 block with fiber firmly, decrease the power density and protect fiber end face from burning, and keep excellent beam quality meantime. A CPS(cladding power stripper) with high stripe efficiency built-in, so that protect fiber coating from burning.Read More2015-11-19

  • EFA25 - Φ2 x 5mm Endcaped Fiber Cable - Comply with SMAQ

    Contact NowEFA25 - Φ2 x 5mm Endcaped Fiber Cable - Comply with SMAQAt the input and output fiber end face in medium power (hundreds watts) laser, the energy density can be very high. So if the laser radiation transmits to the fiber end face, there is high risk of fiber burning or degradation. A end cap at the end face of fiber is a good solution for above issue - an 8mm diameter end cap spliced to the fiber can greatly increase the diameter of the beam spot, which is a very effective method to lower the power density. On the surface of the end cap, a high damage threshold AR coating is coated, while on the other side of the fiber, a high efficient cladding power stripper (CPS) is added, most important it's epoxy free.Read More2015-11-19

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